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Beijing ChangJi Law Office

Changji Law Office ("Changji") is a full service partnership law firm providing legal services in both litigation and non-litigation matters. The majority of Changji attorneys have double-major-bachelor degrees, master degrees, and/or above. Having practiced in their respective fields for many years, they have become recognized experts who have made outstanding achievement in the fields of litigation and non-litigation matters. Changji is a dynamic full service law firm, which has a team of nationally well-known expert attorneys who are dedicated and diligent.

Changji Attorneys provide a broad range of legal services, including, but not limited to, high level litigation services in civil and criminal matters, corporations, real estate transactions, intellectual property right protection, finance, investment & international trade, insurance, employment, divorce, and inheritance. Whether retained as corporate legal counsel on a long-term basis, or legal counselor on a case-by-case basis, we, Changji Attorneys representing clients from all walks of life, attend, on our clients' behalf, conferences in project negotiations, arbitrations, litigations, as well as other decision-making process.

Legal Services Provided by Beijing ChangJi Law Office:
,Legal Consultation
,Legal Advisor
,Project Negotiation
,Litigation and Arbitration Representation
,Mediation Hosting
,Special Investigation
,Legal Opinions
,Attorney Witness/Certification of Authenticity
,Contract Review

Changji Law Firm has established an effective high speed web based information system, which provides efficient and timely client services in another way by Changji Attorneys.

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