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Beijing ChangJi Law Office has extensive experience in serving foreign and domestic enterprises and individuals. Our expertise on Chinese law and regulations and our understanding of particular cultures and customs in the context of foreign investment place us in an unique position in helping our clients, foreign and domestic alike, in solving complicated legal issues arising from all kind of situations in international investment, business operations and trading. Our law office has successfully represented clients in transactions involving foreign investment in China, overseas investment of Chinese enterprises, as well as international trade, among others, involving a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, investment, finance, insurance, textile, power supply, and ship building, etc. In addition to services provided in the area of intellectual property right, construction & real estate, international trade, foreign investment, project finance, merger and acquisition, our law office also offer services in the following areas:

,Matters related to tax registration, tax payments, and tax exemptions for foreign expatriates residing in China;

,Advising foreign invested enterprises on various issues, such as routine business operations, product liabilities, HR management;

,Full range of legal services provided to Chinese enterprises investing overseas on a variety of matters, including formulation of legal structures, contract negotiations, drafting legal documents, issues of legal liabilities during the process of contractual performance for construction contract, labor export, technology transfers, as well as international trade contract conclusion;

,Legal services provided to Chinese enterprises at various stages of overseas investment;

,Legal services for international bidding, technical & service trade; and

,High quality English & Chinese translation of legal documents, etc.

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