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Major Achievements

Significant Contributions Made to the National Legal Practice

Beijing Changji Law Firm has not only won significant victories in courts on behalf of its clients, it has also contributed greatly to both the legal studies and theories in a variety of practice areas detailed below.

Media Coverage
Zhu Shouquan, Shu Mei and other Changji attorneys, have been invited by news media as the distinguished guests, and interviewed to express their views on various legal issues. They have appeared on CCTV, BJTV, Beijing Youth Daily, Legal Daily, China Youth Daily, South China Morning of Hong Kong, China Trade Daily, etc.

Case Analysis
Attorney Zhu Shouquan was invited by Attorney's View Point Program aired on Shanghai Oriental TV to comment on sample cases.

Legal Publications
Zhu Shouquan, Shu Mei and other Changji attorneys have published articles on a variety of legal issues in the news media, including Beijing Youth Daily, China Audit, China Society Guide, Lookout Weekly, Legal Daily, China Lawyer Daily, China Market Economy Daily, Beijing Morning, Legal Service Times, China Consumer Daily, New Beijing Daily, Architecture Daily, World Home, etc.

Attorney Online
Attorney Online is hosted by our law firm to provide general legal information, legal service guide, articles and case analysis by the Changji attorneys. The information provided in our web site is for general information to the public only, and it should not be construed as legal advice. No Attorney Client privilege is established by visiting our website. No Attorney Client relationship is established unless and until a written legal service agreement is properly signed by our law firm and the client.

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