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Project Investment

Due to the nature of transactions in large investment projects, which are complicated to structure, clients need comprehensive legal services involving issues on corporate law, investment law, contract law, real estate law, labor law and environmental protection law. Beijing ChangJi Law Office has developed over the years extensive experiences acting as legal advisers on issues regarding development, finance and mergers of the infrastructural or municipal projects for Chinese and foreign developers, project companies, investors and contractors. Furthermore, ChangJi Lawyers advise on BOT projects, including toll roads, airport, harbor, telecommunications and power supply, among others, to government agencies, international financial institutions, banks and construction/engineering/architecture firms.

International Trade

Beijing ChangJi Law Office advises and represents manufacturers, trading companies, and other clients in matters relating to contract negotiation / drafting / review. ChangJi Law Office also represents clients in matters relating to international arbitration and foreign related litigations as well as other legal services, including contract conclusion, performance, dispute resolution, international trade payment ( L/C, D/P, D/A and other relevant way of payments), product liabilities, international cargo shipping via ocean/air/railroad, international cargo insurance, international trade brokerage, exclusive sales, mail order sales, auctions and biddings, flexible way of trading, such as compensation trade, across boarder trade, manufacturing with imported materials, or modeled after imported samples, and product assembly with imported spare parts, etc.
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