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Merger and Acquisition

Beijing Changji Law Firm has represented clients in a variety of merger projects involving both foreign and domestic parties. The domestic companies we represented in mergers include various industries, such as manufacturing, real estate, Hi-Tech, infrastructure and electronics, etc. In these merger transactions, we, legal counsel working as team members, help our clients navigate through the complicated legal environment in China and successfully closed the deals. The services our lawyers provide in this field include initial planning to optimize the transaction frameworks, due diligence, formulation & negotiation for share transfer, acquisition and merger agreement, and other legal documents related to the transactions. We not only advise clients on issues related to all the necessary paper works to be filed with appropriate government authorities, we also take the stress out of the complicated legal process by handling all the paper works necessary for government filings in order to close the deals.

Enterprise Ownership Reform

In corporate practice, Beijing Changji Law Firm has extensive experience in serving clients in various types of complicated ownership reforms involving enterprises of all sizes. Changji Law Firm advises on structured reform plan, drafting, review and amending necessary documents related to the following matters: choice of enterprise organization and issues related to share holding options in new companies; controlling shareholder; related-party transactions; non-competition clause; re-capitalization; proposals on subsidiary business; debt re-structuring; labor re-organization; intellectual property right; land use right; finance and accounting re-structuring; qualifications of corporate initiators; corporate governance and management; business operator and employee's shareholding,etc.
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