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About Lawyer Online  

About Lawyer Online

Lawyer Online is run by Beijing Changji Law Firm and hosted by its Head Attorney Mr. Zhu Shouquan.

Hosted and moderated by Changji attorneys who are experts in their respective areas of practice, Lawyer Online has become an important channel for Changji Law Firm to provide general legal information and communicate with potential clients.

Caution: The information provided in our web site is for general information to the public only, and it should not be construed as legal advice. No Attorney Client privilege is established by visiting our website. No Attorney Client relationship is established unless and until our firm and the client properly sign a written legal service agreement.

Beijing Changji Law Firm has experienced attorneys specialized in a variety of fields to serve clients in both litigation & non-litigation matters involving intellectual property rights, authorship rights, copyright, patent, trade marks, international trade and transactions, corporations, enterprise recapitalization, contract, construction, real estate, criminal defense, tort claim, finance & insurance, foreign investment, labor dispute, family law, arbitration, overseas company registration, etc.

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