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Changji attorneys are retained as attorneys and counselors for companies of all sizes in a variety of legal matters, including long term corporate legal counsel, litigation, arbitration, etc. Among our clients are:

BJTV, China Light Industry Publishing House, Science Popularization Publishing House, Beijing Youth Daily, Golden-Keys Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd, DTZ, International Club Co., Ltd, Agricultural Bank of China, CITIC Industrial Bank, KFC Co., Ltd, CKE International Co., Ltd, Petroleum Industry Publishing House, Industrial and Commercial International Co., Ltd, MTL Instrument China, Design Institute of Beijing Mobile Co., Ltd, Electronics Co., Ltd of Motorola China, Malaysia Golden Lion Group, China Geology Equipment Corporation, Representative Office of Shanghai Municipal Government, Jingfeng Thermal-electricity Co., Ltd, Zhong Jing Telecommunication Service Center, etc.

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