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Chief Lawyer Zhu Shouquan

Head Attorney Zhu Shouquan is a senior attorney, who obtained double university diplomas and has extensive experience in a variety of fields. He is the deputy director of the Social and Legal Committee, Beijing Municipality of China Democratic League Party, committee member of Beijing Municipality of China Democratic League Party, an expert appointed by Jiuzhoushichu Intellectual Property Right Authentication Center, member of the Bar Group of the Renowned People of China Contemporary Law Research. He is elected an expert attorney with special knowledge on architecture and real estate in China, and included in the roster of Celebrity Expert Attorney in China with special knowledge on intellectual property. He worked as an attorney in Beijing Economy Law Firm, Anpingcheng Law Firm. Attorney Zhu Shouquan is the founding and managing partner, and the head attorney of Lixing Law Firm. He is also the founding and managing partner, and the head attorney of Changji Law Firm.

The Story of Attorney Zhu is detailed in a book entitled Brilliant 50 Years of the People's Republic, published by The People's Daily, and featured in a special section in China Market Economy Daily. The followings are some Excerpts:

What made Attorney Zhu Shouquan a person of character and integrity is his life experience in the last few decades. The tumultuous events he witnessed eventually inspired him to pursue a legal career while teaching, writing and managing a business.

His persevering spirit and meticulous efforts have made himself a successful and distinguished attorney. His well thought logical arguments, his well versed writings, as well as his modest working styles, have all made him successful in representing clients in all types of cases, whether in litigation or non-litigation matters. In the pervasive environment of trying to win lawsuits through connections, Attorney Zhu Shouquan refuses to follow the unethical practices and chooses to win cases with his own individual strength. The vast majority of cases he handled concluded with great success. Among the cases he handled which drew national attentions are Funds Raising Dispute Case for International Commercial Soccer Ad, Dispute of Releasing Goods without Bill of Lading on International Maritime Shipping, Zhengyici Theater Lease Dispute, The First textbook Authorship Right Dispute Case in China, The Guarantee Damage Recovery Case of China Geological Equipment Corporation, Ad Authorship Right Dispute Case, etc.

Zhu Shouquan is not only an attorney but also a scholar who has written extensively. In his interviews with news media, including CCTV, Beijing Youth Daily, Legal Daily, China Youth Daily, China Lawyer Daily, China Market Economy Daily, Beijing Morning Newspaper, Legal Service Time, HK South China Morning Post, New Beijing Daily, etc., attorney Zhu Shouquan often illustrates the importance of the rule of law both from his personal experience and his unique perspective as an attorney.

The ethical conduct and discipline observed by Zhu Shouquan as an attorney have been greatly appreciated by his clients. Attorney Zhu Shouquan has set three rules for himself to follow. First, handle cases out of his own strength; second, treat all clients equally whether they are rich or poor; third, once retained, owe unbridled duty of loyalty and represent clients zealously within the bounds of the law. Attorney Zhu Shouquan says, his holy mission is to make China a country fully dedicated to the practice of rule of law at all levels and himself a guardian fighting for the integrity of Chinese law.

,Practice Areas
All civil and commercial matters related to the intellectual property, corporations, constructions/real estate, and international trade/investment, etc.

,Representative Works
Calls for Better Electronic Contract Law for Online Transactions; Lawyer's Practice Manual for Government Procurement; How to Deal with Legal Issues in E-Commerce; Lawyers' Role in the Age of WTO; Online Infringement of Reputation Right; On Legal Issues involving the Trading of Players among Clubs; Fraudulent home Sellers should be Punished by Payment of Double damages; How can Creditors Prevent Troubles in Executing Court Orders? Why Witness is willing to Commit Perjury? Thoughts on Difficulties Facing Average Folks in Litigations; The Rule of Law and Internal Reforms in the Banking Systems; Triumph with Trade Mark, etc.

,Major Achievements
Specialize in areas of intellectual property, corporations, constructions/real estate, international trade/investment, etc. attorney Zhu Shouquan's practice achievements are nationally recognized.

In the Field of Intellectual Property Right. Specialized in Intellectual Property practice, Zhu Shouquan has been an expert attorney of Jiuzhoushichu Intellectual Property Right Authentication Center, a professional agency authorized by both the executive and judicial offices of the government. In the areas of copyright and trademark protections,attorney Zhu Shouquan has a good command of the international conventions, domestic law & statutes on intellectual property right protections. Attorney Zhu Shouquan has represented clients in various types of litigation cases involving intellectual property rights, some of the cases he handled are well known nationally. Attorney Zhu Shouquan is quite experienced in handling matters involving network, E-commerce, and intellectual property right protections for Hi-Tech enterprises of the exclusive business operations. Among the cases handled:

1) A Case of First Impression in China involving Textbook Authorship Right Dispute, which was selected into A Collection of prominent Cases Involving Disputes on Intellectual Property;

2) Dispute Involving Copyright Infringement in Commercials. On appeal, the court adopted the argument advanced by Attorney Zhou on behalf of the appellant and awarded the damages requested in the original complaint. The case was covered by news media and later included in Sample Case Analysis on China's Intellectual Property Right Protections;

3) Infringement of Online Exclusive Use Right. Attorney Zhu represented the plaintiff at trial and on appeal. This case is significant as it establishes the practice of evidence collection in litigating online exclusive use right infringement;

4) Copyright Infringement Dispute on CCTV Logo. Attorney Zhu represented plaintiff at trial and on appeal. Many national news media, including Hong Kong's Time Media reported the case. The complaint and pleadings filed by attorney Zhu Shouquan on behalf of the plaintiff were included in the Courthouse Debate Appreciation and Analysis of Selected Advocacy, which was compiled by Hunan Normal University Law School and published by Shanghai Dictionary Press.

5) Copyright Dispute involving Wang Xuexian, et al. v. Ji'nan Success Management School et al. Attorneys Zhu brought actions against defendants in Ji'nan Intermediate People's Court, and successfully argued and established in court that the complained infringements had indeed occurred based on the facts and the law. The way this case was argued is significant and has guiding value for attorneys in litigation and judges at trial. This case has been included in the Classic Case Studies on Intellectual Property Right Protection in China.

Constructions and Real Estate Practice.Attorney Zhu Shouquan has special knowledge and extensive experience in the practice of constructions and real estate law. He represents a number of construction and real estate companies and advises them on a variety of legal issues arising from construction and real estate transactions, including government review and approval in project developments, project finance, project constructions, project transfers, home sale & loans, and real estate management, etc. Attorney Zhu Shouquan also advises on structuring legal frameworks for various transactions and has successfully represented clients in contract disputes involving real estate constructions and engineering designs, construction performance, home sales/lease, loan guarantee, etc. Among the transactions he closed, representing China Mobile and others in the purchase of large office and apartment buildings with total transaction amount of about 500 million Yuan. The works he performed in due diligence, risk assessment & management, technical & commercial contract negotiations and formulation, and etc. won widespread praise from clients. His legal opinions, aired in the news media, such as CCTV, Shanghai Oriental TV, Architecture Daily etc. on real estate development & operation, particularly in home sale transactions are well respected nationally.

Legal Advising Service. Changji Attorneys headed by Zhu Shouquan have, for many years, advised clients on a wide range of complicated legal issues facing state-owned, privately owned, shareholders owned, or foreign invested businesses. Changji Attorneys have successfully advised businesses on how to establish proper legal frameworks and procedures to avoid potential legal liabilities, assessment & management of legal liabilities, as well as on handling legal problems in the course of business operations. The Changji Attorneys provide businesses with independent objective legal opinions which are critical to business operations in the complex legal environment of today's world economy. Retaining Changji Attorneys headed by Zhu Shouquan on a yearly, or permanent basis will provide value to businesses in their daily legal needs and reduce future litigation costs.

Representative Cases in International Trade Practice. Dispute Involving Releasing Goods without Bill of Lading in International Maritime Shipping. Attorney Zhou Shouquan represented the plaintiff in Shenyang Jinhe Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd v. Shanghai Defidesi International Shipping Consultation & Service Co., Ltd. It took a year from the filing of the initial complaint at Shanghai Maritime Court to the final verdict reached on appeal by the Shanghai High Court, which affirmed the lower court decision in the plaintiff's favor. The plaintiff prevailed on all issues litigated and was awarded all the requested damages. The defendant eventually paid all the monetary damages as ordered by the courts.

Attorney Zhu Shouquan has been retained as legal counsels on a permanent basis by Dianyang Ad Co., Ltd, Beijing Leqiao Science & Trade Co., Ltd, KFC Co., Ltd, Hong Kong Asia Industry Group Co., Ltd, CKE International Co., Ltd, Industrial and Commercial International Co., Ltd among others, providing legal advices and other legal services, including drafting and reviewing various international trading contracts/agreements for the businesses.


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