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Construction and Real Estate

Beijing Changji Law Firm's attorneys have extensive in-depth knowledge and experience in practicing construction and real estate law. Our law firm provides full consultation services needed at various stages of a project, such as the project approval, development, finance, construction, transfer, real estate sale, mortgage loan and realty, etc. Our attorneys help clients set up all the necessary legal frameworks to prevent potential disputes as well as providing contractual dispute resolutions involving engineering design, construction, performance, real estate sales/lease, and loan guarantee, among others.

The legal opinions and views expressed by our attorneys on various issues regarding real estate development, real estate sales have drawn considerable national attentions as reported by the news media. Our law firm provides full legal services for foreign investments in China's real estate market, including matters concerning investment policies, legal consultation, risk assessment/management, and purchase oversight, etc. Our law firm also represents foreign investors in the whole purchase process in high-end homes, existing homes sold at secondary markets, and traditional Chinese courtyard style homes.

Legal Consultation

Beijing Changji Law Firm provides legal consulting services to privately held companies/enterprises, and others, whether state-owned, share holder owned, or foreign owned, helping them navigate through a wide range of complicated issues. Our attorneys work with them to establish proper legal frameworks to minimize potential legal liabilities. To reduce the legal fees down the road, Beijing Changji Law Firm provides companies with independent evaluations on how to minimize potential risks and legal liabilities associated with business operations. Specifically, Beijing Changji Law Firm provides a wide range of legal consulting services to companies, both foreign and domestic, including in the field of industrial manufacturing, finance, real estate, service industry, retail sales, etc.
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